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A pterygium is a whitish growth on the eye that usually starts in the corner and then grows toward the front of the eye. A pterygium can grow into the visual axis of the eye, causing vision problems as well as significant irritation.

Pterygium symptoms

Many patients with a pterygium have no symptoms, but some develop significant irritation as well as redness.  In some cases, the pterygium can distort the front of the eye or even grow into the visual axis causing a decrease in vision.

Pterygium prevention

Exposure to UV radiation is a major cause of pterygia and other eye problems, so we recommend that everyone wear UV coated sunglasses and a hat anytime you are outdoors.

Pterygium Surgery

There are several methods for removing pterygia. Most are approximately 15 minutes in length and use minimal anesthesia. Our surgeons perform various techniques for pterygium surgery and will discuss that with you during your consultation.  Contact us today to schedule your appointment.



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